3 Reasons Why Dogs Fail to Reach Their True Potential

Australians are known to love animals, especially their pets, thanks to the likes of the late Steve Irwin (aka Crocodile Hunter) who truly exemplified this trait. They go the extra mile by taking their pets to k9 dog obedience school or buying top-class food and pet accessories. In fact, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA states that there are more than 29 million pets in Australia, making it one of the countries with the highest pet ownership in the world. It further adds that more than half of Australia’s households owns a pet and dogs are the most common. 

As such, there has been a growing interest to enroll pets to dog obedience training in Sydney, Melbourne and other key urban cities around the country. But on the flipside, animal cruelty is also becoming a bigger threat. From 2019 to 2020 alone, the RSPCA has investigated over 57,000 cruelty complaints, its highest since 2014. 

Acts like these hinder pets, especially dogs from surviving and thriving in our world today. But sometimes, even subtler behaviors of owners can hamper their growth and happiness. Here are some reasons why dogs fail to reach their greatest potential.

Routine neglect

While many owners acknowledge that pets need food to survive, it takes more than this for them to really thrive and live their best lives. Like humans, dogs need holistic care. Food and nutrition is just one part. Some owners tend to routinely neglect other factors like play, health checkups, and even enrolling them to k9 dog obedience among others. It is important to look at their other needs and address them as well.


Pets do not get to choose who their owners will be just as much as humans could not choose who their parents are. The attitude or behavior of owners play a huge role in pet growth and this influences the behavior of pets too. Many times, owners try to overcompensate their care for their pets to the point that the pets dominate them already. This can be quite a problem and hinder dogs from achieving the best they can be for their owner. In cases like these, k9 dog obedience classes are needed to correct the negative behavior.

Fixed mindset

Lastly, pets fail to reach their 101 percent because the owners simply do not believe in it. Many pet owners fail to recognize the worth of a pet, especially a dog, since they are thought of as lowly creatures inferior to the intelligence of humans. But having a fixed mindset that your pet can’t learn anything more or be more than what you think they can be is a hindrance to reaching their potential. We’ve seen how k9 training can unleash the amazing talents and abilities of dogs, to the point that they can actually save lives.

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