Getting Ready for Opportunity Test in NSW

Selective High School Placement Test for placement in 2021 has changed as the new test is now more focused on thinking skills, and a great emphasis on mathematical reasoning and problem-solving. Government and private schools prepare greatly for this kind of test in order to help their students score high and get accepted to the university they want and aspire to be part of. Most of these schools have these opportunity classes for academically gifted Year 5 and 6 students in order for them to get prepared for the OC test in NSW.

What is this Opportunity test in NSW?

This test is designed to allow students to demonstrate their learned abilities in areas such as reading and mathematical as well as their abilities for reasoning and problem-solving. OC test in NSW is in the same category as selective high school test which is standardized testing with a focus on ability in mathematics, English, and general ability or the basic IQ test. In order to pass the test, students must have strong academic fundamentals. However, there are other means to get prepared for this test. One is doi9ng practice test with home study or attending opportunity classes. Individually by means of tutoring or with a group through an opportunity class, a student can do practice tests prepared and designed for those applying and preparing for the OC test. Opportunity classes are offered by schools with opportunity classes and teachers holding OC are trained and well-versed in the types and kinds of questions in OC test and therefore can help students get familiar with and be able to get high scores on the practice test and then eventually on the real test itself. These practice tests are also similar to practice tests for students taking the selective exam 2021.

Students must also develop the habit of reading. There are Reading questions in the test and this aims to assess the comprehension skills of the students and how well they can extract information from the passage and students who have developed a good reading habit has more chance of passing the reading skill section of the test. Tutoring and attending Opportunity classes help a lot in developing reading habits. Developing good reading habits is also a must when preparing for the NSW Selective School Test.

Whether your child is preparing for the OC test in NSW or for the Selective School test, it is helpful to have him/her fully prepared and some of the best ways to be fully prepared are doing a home study, attending tutoring, or selective high school and Opportunity Classes. The choice is always yours.

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