3 Reasons School Leaders Should Hire Landscape Architects

When it comes to education, the learning environment plays an integral role in the development of children. That’s why schools invest in creating interactive and purposeful school grounds by hiring a landscape architect. There are over 9,500 schools in Australia and almost a third of them are located in New South Wales. Within the state alone, there are more than 800,000 students enrolled in government institutions, and close to 442,000 enrolled in non-government or private institutions. All of them will slowly transition back to in-person learning post-pandemic, and schools will once again be in full operation.

Australia has already started to ease Covid-19 restrictions, allowing students to return to face-to-face learning since January. Thousands of international students are also returning to the country to continue or start learning. As of January 30, over 56,000 international students have already returned and an additional 50,000 are already filed according to ICEF Monitor. This kicks up the demand for rehabilitation and cleaning of school premises giving landscape designers in Sydney projects to work on. But as a school owner or administrator, is it worth spending on a landscape designer in time for a new school year? The answer is a resounding yes, and here are some reasons why.

Prioritize open spaces

Since the pandemic, people have been cautious of joining large gatherings in enclosed spaces. Viruses like Covid-19 spread more rapidly in indoor spaces than in outdoor spaces. While students are returning to school, they are also advised to remain cautious and mindful of the spaces they interact in. Outdoor settings are most viable for interactions and a landscape architect can help design open spaces that are shaded and comfortable.

Enable good airflow

Another learning from the Covid-19 pandemic is that restricted airflow helps spread the virus. Congested and jam-packed areas tend to be hotspots for airborne viruses. Now, people prefer wide-open spaces with lots of room to breathe while being able to have interactions with people in small groups. Garden designers can easily address this by creating pockets in open spaces where air flows freely using plants and natural materials.

Promote eco-friendly spaces

The pandemic is not the only issue we are facing today. Climate change still remains to be a pressing concern and the demand for eco-friendly living is important. Schools must take the lead in promoting sustainability and with the help of a landscape architect, natural and artificial environments can be blended to form an aesthetic and practical balance without harming nature.

Not just our home garden needs to be landscaped, even the school gardens need it. Check out http://ecodesign.com.au/ for your landscape architects in Sydney. 

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